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Begin Your Journey to Wellness

Are you tired of feeling like you are not functioning at 100% of your potential?  Have you given up on ever feeling better and accepted the fact that chronic pain is a part of your life?  Do you have issues that have plagued you for years or even decades?

I'm here to show you how we can turn things around together!

Together we can increase your quality of life by:

* Reducing chronic pain (physical)

* Improving your emotional well-being (emotional)

* Erasing limiting beliefs (mental)

* Connecting to your Higher Self (spiritual)

Ask me about pain relief, weight loss, overcoming anxiety and depression, and much more.

Meet Allison Fox

I'm Allison Fox.  I started my professional holistic journey in the summer of 2018.  Always believing in the power of the mind-body-spirit connection, I was looking for a way to leave a lasting mark on the world and decided to help others feel better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through energy work.  If you want to reduce your chronic pain, overcome emotional obstacles or learn to relax and adopt a new perspective on life, then please contact me.  I can help!




Upcoming Events:


Reiki Level 1 Training

Saturday, January 30, 2021 9 a - 5 p

Sunday, January 31, 2021 9 a - 4 p

Breathe Meditation Studio

4131 Lomo Alto Dr. 

Dallas, TX 75219


For more information, click HERE

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Photo Credit: Atali Samuel Photography

All About Energy

We are all made up of energy!


Everything in this world is energy, regardless of what form it is in – and it is vibrating.  Different things vibrate at different frequencies which is what makes them all appear and feel different from one another. 


Invisible energy is all around us in the form of radio waves, x-ray waves, infrared energy, thought waves and emotions.  The entire universe is made up of infinitesimally small units of vibrating energy called subatomic particles.  Different arrangements of atoms produce different elements, like hydrogen, carbon and titanium.  Those atoms are arranged to make molecules like proteins, fats and carbohydrates.  In your body, molecules come together to make DNA which makes your cells which form your body.  We are all beings of pure energy and our vibration is what makes us uniquely individual. 


According to Albert Einstein, "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."


When a person suffers from chronic pain, emotional issues, or just feels "off," it is because of an energy imbalance in the body.  The last place that energy imbalances manifest is in the physical.  If you have a physical issue or emotional distress, it started much earlier in the energetic field.  Energy work supports traditional Western medicine; it does not replace it.  For the physical body to truly get well, the energy imbalances must be corrected.  I can help!

Link to a blog I wrote for Dallas Psychic Fair - Energy Healing: A Path to Wellness



Energy Healing Session
hand with energy.jpeg


Package of 3 sessions 

All 3 sessions must be used within 3 months, at any interval you desire.


balanced rocks.jpg


Package of 6 sessions 

All 3 sessions must be used within 6 months, at any interval you desire.


Pet Session


Package of 3 Pet sessions

All 3 sessions must be used within 3 months, at any interval you desire

Practice Areas
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