What Others Say About Their Journey to Wellness

You may not know much about Energy Healing or how your energy fields work, but you can learn from what others have experienced. 


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Energy work is non-invasive and very relaxing.  Try it today for yourself!

Testimonials from Clients

The work Allison did in removing my Heart Wall was amazing!  Everything she discovered and said about where it came from was very accurate, and I felt great after she removed it.  What I love most is the change felt permanent and not temporary.  My quality of life is so much brighter now and I love it!

Michael G., Texas

Working with Allison has been informative, eye-opening and impactful.  Chronic pain that I've experienced for years has been reduced enough that medication is no longer needed on a daily basis.  Evaluations have provided insights that have been surprising and helpful.  It was quite a new experience for me, but I'm glad I had the opportunity.

Sarah D., Texas

I am a firm believer that God puts people in your life for a reason.  I am beyond grateful for Allison and everything that she has done for me.  She worked on my Heart Wall, and I cannot tell you enough how it has changed who I am.  I can smile and laugh again without faking it.  I catch myself singing and feeling this peaceful feeling that I haven't felt in a very long time.  I am just a happier person - a feeling that I love!  Since my Heart Wall was removed, I handle situations very differently than I used to.  Thank  you so so much, Allison.

Claudia M., Texas

Since working with Allison on removing my Heart Wall, I can definitely feel a change in myself. She helped me to identify past experiences that I must've put in the back of my mind, and everything was so spot on! I owe her so much for not only removing my Heart Wall but for helping me discover parts of myself that I didn't know existed or got lost in the shuffle. She has also provided me with tools and suggestions to help me continue to do work on myself. 


To think all of this started because I lost out on winning a free energy session. I may have lost the raffle, but I have gained so much more - a wonderful connection with a phenomenal person, great advice, and a kindred spirit. I can't thank you enough, Allison!

Monique W., Texas

Allison quickly identified the long-standing barriers that were stacking up in my subconscious. When she released them, I felt more balanced on an emotional and physical level. Allison is very professional and prompt in her practice, and I really appreciate that!

Adam R., Texas

My work with Allison was very enlightening.  Her evaluations opened my eyes to issues that I had buried.  After clearing my Heart Wall, my pains have subsided, I feel a little "lighter," and my sleep has improved.  I can't wait to work with her more in the future!

Lesley T., Texas

Allison works wonders.  I was skeptical at first, but after 4 sessions, the maladies that were bothering me had either disappeared or lessened to the point that I no longer noticed them.  I was afflicted with back and neck pain, depression, and a general feeling of fatigue.  Allison worked her skills, and I feel 95% better.  Allison is a miracle worker and knows her stuff!  I'm very glad to call her a friend and was extremely impressed with her abilities.

Mark P., Texas

I had a session today with Allison and her analysis of my energy blockages were spot on! I was amazed by how she knew what was wrong with me. She helped me release some of my trapped emotions. I feel lighter and am having less pain. I would recommend Allison because she is knowledgeable about what she does and has a beautiful energy around her. I am grateful for her help on my spiritual journey.

Naomi L., Texas

Allison is the best thing I've ever done! I never could have imagined my life being lifted and freed. On my road to healing, making wiser choices and recommitting myself to Christ, I've been struggling with burdens and emotional distress. I  now recognize myself as a happier, healthier me. Words can't truly express my gratitude.

Jessie Z., Texas

I am truly grateful to have met Allison - she is amazing. I have been working with her for almost a month, and it has been an amazing healing experience. I had foot pain that just didn’t go away no matter what I took or did.  With a few sessions, it was completely gone! 


Not only that, but I had other things that popped up that needed healing. Allison always hit the nail on the head; she knew where to go & released that energy. I was astounded by how much we released.


I feel like I have made a true connection/friendship. Allison gave life-changing advice and was always so kind. She is a godsend - an angel on this earth willing to help people in need. She is the real deal! 

Laura T., Texas

I've received a lot of energy work over the past 5 years and worked with many different healers. Some of the sessions provided noticeable results, while others were not as successful.  But Allison's work was so profound for me! 


I was shocked and amazed at the accuracy and level of detail she provided. She provided examples and causes of blockages that blew my mind!  There was NO way she would've known the details! 


Though she performed her work when I wasn't present, I could always tell when she completed that day's work. I noticed a shift in my energy, or a sense of ease and balance. It was quite remarkable! I HIGHLY encourage you to give her a chance!

Barbara H., Texas

After my first session with Allison, my low back/left hip pain has definitely been reduced. My ongoing eye issue is a little difficult to rate, but all seems well and I'm hoping for the best. I have noticed that my spirit seems to be much improved! I was frustrated and angry with my husband, but after the session my attitude toward him mellowed quite a bit. Thank you for this work you do!

Linda S., Texas

Allison worked with me for 4 sessions. She got to the root of my issues with her system. I have felt better in the last few weeks than I have felt in a long time. My knee pain now is negligible. My balance is much better and I just feel free to do more things.

I highly recommend working with Allison for any issues. She is also responsive, helpful and wonderful to work with, both in person and remotely.

Susan C., Texas

I have worked with many holistic and integrative practitioners throughout my professional career and during my own personal healing journey. My recent work with Allison Fox has been remarkable, amazing, interesting and eye-opening. I recommend that if you are searching for a similar experience with thorough and rather sudden results, you contact Allison for healing. 


Although I was not aware that she had begun working on me using The Emotion Code during a remote session, I began to experience some unusual, obvious and some subtle changes in my physical and emotional health that same day.


Allison exhibits kindness and compassion, and is a patient teacher. I felt as though she was gently holding me in the palms of her hands.

Susan N., Washington

Allison was great to work with. She was very kind and very knowledgeable. I have seen significant improvement in multiple areas of my life. I highly recommend her!

Jim W., Texas

I met Allison just before I had a massive rash break out on my body. She agreed to do some sessions on me after finding imbalances in my glands, tissues and immune system. She checked me for pathogens and toxins as well. And through her testing of my subconscious, she was able to find trapped emotions that were causing me problems relating to my body


After four complete sessions, she released my trapped emotions, imbalanced glands and organs, pathogens, and toxins. My immune system, and heart and brain messages to organs, glands and body tissues are now functioning at 97%; after registering in the 50-60% range in the beginning. I had other complaints such as dry scalp, depression and anxiety that have improved in a matter of weeks, as well as the skin inflammation. She also identified some vitamins that I was deficient in. After realizing that I had some negative limiting beliefs, she recommended correcting them with positive affirmations.

Allison's holistic approach to health care with her energy healing is a great complement to modern medicine!

Lea E., Texas

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